About the Portfolio123 Platform

Portfolio123 is a pioneer in the use of technology to develop stock investing strategies. Born in 2004 to invest easier, we just made it significantly better daily!

Since the early 2000s, well before the word “fintech” came into vogue, Portfolio123 has been empowering professional and individual investors to access and analyze sophisticated databases in order to build sensible usable successful stock-selection strategies. While Portfolio123 is not the first firm to supply tools to screen financial data, it jumped first and remains ahead of the pack in providing a full suite of capabilities (screening, ranking, testing, simulation, results analysis, automated portfolio implementation and tracking, and research) priced reasonably and designed for use in the real workaday world of investing.

Stock screening is the portion of our platform with which most investors are familiar. But it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to our full set of capabilities. In addition to screening, Portfolio123 has”

  • A simple easy-to use Rules Wizard that lets newbies get up and running immediately and doing some pretty advanced things from day one;
  • The ability to mix wizard-generated rules and free-form (power user) rules within the same screen, something that is great at helping you expand your capabilities;
  • Use Fundamental and/or Technical analysis even within the same screen or ranking system;
  • Work with stocks or ETFs or Closed end Funds (CEFs);
  • Develop, test and use what we refer to as “books” (a portfolio of portfolios), which is the way to build a strategy that includes stocks, ETFs and/or CEFs;
  • Create fundamental and/or technical ranking systems;
  • Backtest your ideas;
  • Build, test and use a screen of screens;
  • Develop, test, and use short-selling strategies;
  • Develop, test, and use long-short market neutral strategies;
  • Test the impact of trading costs;
  • Test the impact of using margin;
  • Develop, test, and use strategies involving different weighting protocols (i.e. you can create your own smart beta strategy);
  • Develop, test, and use market timing and hedging techniques.

While our capabilities are sophisticated, you do not need to be a power-user to benefit. Our tutorials, virtual courses, rules-wizards, live support, and active community allow you to start as simply as you wish, and progress, at your own pace, as far as you wish.

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